WAR Spring Boot Application with JSP

In order to use a Spring Boot project which is packaged as a WAR and which contains, by example, a JSP page with JSP Standard Tags

sb war jsp

some modifications of the Maven Spring Boot project are required to build/deploy correctly the application as a container on OpenShift or Kubernetes platform.

Modifications required

The modifications described hereafter assume that you use the Fabric8 Maven Plugin like also the Spring Boot Maven Plugin

  • Enable the repackaging of the WAR to include the Spring Boot classes used to launch the application and to update the MANIFEST.mf file definition with the following properties :

    • Main-Class: org.springframework.boot.loader.WarLauncher

    • Spring-Boot-Classes: WEB-INF/classes/

    • Spring-Boot-Lib: WEB-INF/lib/

    • Spring-Boot-Version: 1.5.8.RELEASE

      Set this option using the goal repackage of the Spring Boot maven plugin. See the xml tag `<execution><execution><goals><goal>repackage</goal>` defined
      under the `Spring Boot maven plugin`
  • Add an env var <ARTIFACT_COPY_ARGS>*.war</ARTIFACT_COPY_ARGS> to specify during the creation of the Docker image to copy the war file instead of the uber jar which is the by default option when a Microservice is created. This en var will be used by OpenShift during the S2I Build Process with the war binary content pushed.

    Such information should be defined using the `Fabric8 Maven Plugin` by adding within the `<configuration>` xml tag, the definition of the Docker
    image to be created with the env var.
  • Define next, an env var JAVA_APP_JAR=mvc-jsp-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.war for the DeploymentConfig file to specify to use the war included within the Docker image as the Java application to be launched.

    This modification can be done by specifying an env var within the `DeploymentConfig` resource under the specification of the container to be created.
    The parameter will be used by OpenShift when it will create the pod and the linux container defined.
    The env var must be specified within the `src/main/fabric8/deployment.yml` file that the Fabric8 Maven Plugin will use.
           - env:
             - name: JAVA_APP_JAR
               value: ${project.artifactId}-${project.version}.war

Deploy project

Issue this command to setup a namespace on the cloud platform where you will deploy the application

$ oc new-project demo-jsp

Next build and deploy the Spring Boot WAR application on the cloud platform

$ mvn clean fabric8:deploy -Popenshift

To access the Spring Web Container deployed on the platform, issue this command to get its address oc get route mvc-jsp -o jsonpath='https://{.spec.host}/' and open it within your Web browser http://<host_route_address>;